7 Things to Consider When Seeking Best Student Housing Options

So you have enrolled yourself into a college or university and are now looking for a nice place to live?

Finding student housing can be a struggle or breeze depending on how well organized you are. If you are looking for an apartment at the last minute, there are chances that you’ll run out of options and might have to compromise with your choices.

Student housing has been in great demand due to a simple reason; the inflow of International students in Canada. The demand for these apartments is at its peak, during specified time periods, usually between the months of August and October. 

At this time of the year several students sign up for rental apartments. Students make necessary arrangements before they begin their semester. This makes it easier for them to settle down and get used to the location and neighborhood.

student housing options

In case, you have no idea what to look for in a student apartment then keep on reading.

It is crucial to choose a housing option which suits:
  • Your finances. 
  • Your lifestyle. 
You should view 3 to 4 apartments in your area, before finalizing on one. A rental agreement is the final step before you finalize a place. Please read the agreement carefully before signing it.

When looking for a student housing option, some important things to consider are:

1) Your Budget: 

Can you afford it? In addition to fixed rental charges, you will also need to pay for:
  • Monthly phone. 
  • Electricity. 
  • Food.
  • Transport costs. 
  • Internet and TV cable cost

2) Heating Cost: 

In most cases the heat is included in your rent. Some individual house owners may charge additionally cost for the centrally heated system

Hence it is always better to consider a professionally managed company that excludes any such additional cost.

3) Location: 

Always ensure you are in a convenient neighborhood and most importantly you are near to supermarkets & public transportation. 

It is good to calculate the distance from your University to the apartment just to ensure the additional transportation cost and time that you may have to incur while travelling from point A to point B. This will also help you in taking an informed decision, whether to stay close to campus or stay away from it.

Live closer to campus

It is always advisable to always look for an apartment near your campus, like if you are studying at NAIT, Edmonton and seeking for an off-campus housing simply search online for student housing Edmonton NAIT to find the best apartments around that area.

4) Quality: 

Don’t compromise with the quality of the suite. Make sure that your rental apartment is:
  • In good condition.
  • Clean.
  • Safe.
  • Secure.
  • Well maintained.
  • Equipped with smoke alarms.

5) Furnished/Unfurnished:

Most of the suites are completely renovated but unfurnished. Most of the companies include stove and fridge in the unit so the only additional cost that you will incur is that of the bed and couch. 

The rent of the furnished units is higher, which is the biggest reason that such units are less desirable to students.

6) Tenancy Agreement: 

Read the rental agreement carefully & make sure that you understand all the clauses clearly.

Also see to it that your tenancy period is mentioned on the rental agreement and ensure that people residing in the suite are on the lease.

7) Roommates: 

If you are planning share your accommodation, then choose your roommate carefully, as friends can be completely dissimilar people when you are actually residing with them!

Once you have gone through the aforementioned considerations you can get in touch with a local real estate agency, go through the newspaper for available apartments or check online ads to find affordable & comfortable student housing options.

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