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Reviews and Feedback of Mainstreet Equity Corp
Mainstreet Equity Corp Reviews

By: Jacek Licznerski

Russel - Maintenance Staff - amazing personality and very strong work ethic. Knows the place well and has great people skills. Some people you just trust and Russel is one of them. Will do his absolute best to help no matter what the issue is. I honestly wish that he would manage the entire building. He can fix anything and builds great rapport with people immediately. Super nice guy, knowledgeable and hard worker. Find more people like Russel please! Thank you!

By: Dan Nash

I've lived in this complex since 2013, when I was in a basement suite. I loved it! Then I moved to a 2-bdrm & I still love it! Mainstreet is quick to disperse the bed bugs as soon as possible. For those people that had bed bugs it might help if you washed your body & clothing & bedding every so often. I NEVER want to move as I love this neighborhood, I've gotten to meet new people. If you are going by what other's have said about a place to live then you should stay home where you are? Life is all about choices & if you go by negative choices then stay home!

By: Spencer W

I've been living with Mainstreet in Calgary since August coming from a family run building before. Everything was super easy, they emailed me the application and agreed to repaint my suite, give me all new blinds, brand new window and sliding door to access to my balcony, new closet doors plus they gave me new cupboards for my kitchen too. My building is super quiet and within my budget, my building manager always returns texts but I haven't had to message him since I moved in because I've had no issues.

Best apartment I've ever had!

By: Pedro Climaco

Recommended 5 out of 5, no doubt. Excellent customer service!

I'm one of the few people who can give an honest feedback about Mainstreet from two different perspectives, as I've lived in their apartments and also worked for them in the past:

Mainstreet has many properties across Calgary/Edmonton, for the most varied tastes of lifestyle, each property/region has it's own Manager who will work with you to provide the best experience while you're living in their apartments.

The Calgary Head Office staff is really great and helpful, from the lady at the front desk to the big boss, they're always there if you need, believe me.

Yes I had problems in my place, as everyone does, but their response was really good and the resident manager and customer service line never failed on my calls, all my requests were always attended, from cleaner to maintenance.

Listen, you will find a lot of BS around from angry/frustrated people who, most of times, didn't even rented with them.. so my final comment here is, plain, and simply:

Go check yourself and make your own conclusions, I bet you won't be disappointed my friend ;)

By: Justin Herans

I currently live downtown on 1122 8 Ave SE, I've been here for about 1 year and it's improving alot. The residents manager is always around and she is very helpful. Great job! I would highly recommend Mainstreet to anyone looking for a place to live.

By: Noelle Williamson

I personally like them and find that I enjoy their customer service their maintenance department and their building management. I have no issues. I put in maintenance calls when something is wrong and they always try to fix it either same day or next day. My building manager is wonderful and if there are issues with anything I just text him or call him and he always answers within minutes and tries to resolve the issue as soon as possible. I do see people complaining about their apartment or something else but never communicating with Mainstreet about it, which is when I tell them to just call and speak to customer service. I like my building and my apartment.

By: Monika K

I am extremely happy with Mainstreets help and service, especially because I had the pleasure of working with Janine. She was diligent and organized as well as constantly keeping me informed of the process of securing my rental. She goes out of her way to help you as much as possible and her communication is top notch. I am happy to be moving into my apartment today and confident in doing business with this agency in the future.

By: Mayer Lee

l love Mainstreet Equity Corp. This company is growing up and developing so fast. They are trying to give the best service to tenants. I am sure this company will be the best for tenants and company members.

At Mainstreet Equity, we take great pride in our customer service and making sure that tenants stay happy when they choose to reside with us. Such great words always motivate us to give best services to our clients. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their amazing reviews and appreciations. We assure our customers for better support and services in future as well. 


  1. Hi Everyone,
    If you want to rent an apartment at most affordable prices and without any hassle then I would recommend Mainstreet Equity Corp. Their team is really professional and without any doubt they are one of the leading real estate management company in Canada. I hired Mainstreet Equity Corp to rent an apartment in Calgary area and their team was really proactive. They found an apartment as per my choice and completed all the paper formalities very quickly. I highly recommend them for your rental apartment needs.
    Hope my feedback will help you in making your decision.

  2. As far as Mainstreet Equity Corp Review is concerned, one of my friends rented an apartment in Calgary with the help of Mainstreet. His experience was really awesome with them.
    Thanks and Hope my review will helping you.

  3. Very much enjoyed my stay here and it was an excellent experience. Mainstreet Equity Corp. provided me with beautiful apartments in Calgary that are quiet, clean, well maintained and are situated at perfect locations. The management is cooperative and pleasant and takes good care of the apartments. I made many complaints and the management quickly responded to all of them. My overall feedback is good.

  4. Mainstreet Equity Corp. provides beautiful apartments with panoramic views in New Westminster. My apartment is surrounded with lots of high end shopping outlets and great restaurants. We also have the convenience of pool and fitness room in our apartment building. My kids go to a neighboring school, play in a safe environment and we couldn’t be in a happier state than this. I recommend Mainstreet Equity Corp. to everyone who is planning to migrate to New Westminster.

  5. It's hard for me to trust that it's been over a long time since I moved into Calgary. It's been an awesome place to live, and one reason why I've remained so long is my apartment I rented through Mainstreet. Thanks for running such an incredible business! I've generally valued the "family" feel of leasing from you, and I'll keep on recommending you to anybody I run over who is searching for an incredible organization to lease from. Hope my feedback helps you!

  6. Thanks a ton to Mainstreet Equity Corp for giving us our fantasy house! The manager of our building is responsible to a great extent. He personally informs everyone about the events and keeps a personal check on what all is required to be done over the time. We LOVE our apartment. The cost is to a great degree reasonable and in an awesome neighborhood. Highly recommended.

  7. 6. Mainstreet- the best firm I have rented with. They understand what people are looking for and do not waste time in sending unsuitable properties. Their representative drove me around in his car - which was very helpful as I didn't know the area. He suggested one flat that I hadn't even considered and we ended up buying it. He was very nice to deal with and patient. I have to say, if we were buying or selling in the near future, Mainstreet would be my first choice to call. My reviews about them are amazing!

  8. Such an amazing experience at Edmonton apartments, the best condo I’ve ever been. I have the pleasure to stay here with the help of Mainstreet Equity Corp. The apartment was very clan and view from the windows was fabulous. The apartments were situated at great location and I was able to walk everywhere. The apartment had everything I needed and supermarket was right across the street that made it easy for me to pick any food when I needed. It was a pleasant stay. I’ll recommend everyone to hire the services of Mainstreet as they provide excellent offers. Hope my feedback will help you in making your decision.

  9. Dedicated to providing high-quality service. Great understanding of our needs and necessities resulting in finding the ideal home for us. Supportive all through the procedure. Extremely glad and impressed. My overall review is good.

  10. I visited Saskatoon with my family 5 months back. We very much enjoyed our stay here. Our two-bedroom apartment was perfectly equipped. The kitchen was equipped with refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher. We also had a dryer and washer which were truly appreciated. The under parking was included within the rental price. I rented here with help of Mainstreet and I am very thankful to them for helping me to get such a lovely apartment. I’ll suggest everyone who wants to spend time in this city to hire apartments through Mainstreet.

  11. The only reason to rent a suite from Mainstreet is to get quality with a minimum amount. I rented a suite 6 months ago from them. I like the locality most. Landlords are very helpful, they always treat us like their own family members. Thank you, Mainstreet for this awesome suite.