5 Tips for Foreign Students on Living in Edmonton


Brilliant autumn leaves, alluring white snow and vibrant summers are only a portion of the reasons why Edmonton is a destination for global international students.

For foreign students, moving to another nation is both scary as well as exciting. To help you in the process, I have created a list of tips. Go through them and figure out what you can do to make your experience better in Edmonton.

Go to Orientation and Say Hello to a New Person Everyday

Orientation is the beginning of new school year and also the beginning of another chapter in your life and career. You will work closely with your classmates for the following years so why not make friends now? Making bonds and friendship early on will make your life less demanding amid the semester. Try to say hello to at least one new individual every day.

Get a Canadian ID Card and SIN (Social Insurance Number)

Amid your stay in Canada, you may require an ID to show your age or identity. A portion of the events when you may need to do this include: opening an account in a bank, applying for a visa card, and going into a foundation that serves liquor. Having your passport isn't prudent as the danger of losing it is high. Luckily, Alberta has a picture ID card that you can apply for. Visit to learn more about how to get one.

Likewise, if you plan on applying for a temporary job or working amid your time in Edmonton, you will be required to get a Social Insurance Number (SIN). You can get a SIN at Canada Place in downtown Edmonton. Having a SIN will likewise make the process of purchasing a phone plan substantially less demanding if you have not opened an account in the bank yet!

Purchase Good Quality Winter Attire

Canadian winters are really frosty and you will require great winter garments keeping in mind the end goal to remain warm. Invest in a couple of strong shoes with great grip and in addition a winter coat, caps, gloves and socks. The underlying expenses might be high, however, it will be worth it when the temperature dips under - 20 Celsius!

Find New Hobbies and Have Fun

At long last, spread your wings and explore the city of Edmonton. Alberta is a delightful province, and Edmonton is near wonderful areas, for example, Lake Louise, Jasper and Banff. Lease a car or catch a ride with a companion and have some good time. If you are looking for Edmonton Apartments to live, try to find the best dealer in the area and avoid overpaying.

Make Yourself Familiar with People You Meet in Your Residence

The best thing about moving to another nation is getting the opportunity to meet new individuals! Welcome your colleagues for tea or coffee and become more familiar with them. You can also plan for a potluck together. The people you meet in the program will take your experience to a new level and will make your time in Edmonton substantially more enjoyable.

If you want to hire an apartment near NAIT or Great Grand MacEwan University in Edmonton, you can always feel free to contact MainStreet Equity Corp.


How to Handle Annoying Things While Hunting For a Rental Apartment in Regina

Looking for an Apartment in North Regina can be a stressful task. You need to search for a place to live that is reasonable, yet still meets all your needs and requirements. If you are getting prepared to tackle with an apartment move, then there is a possibility that you might get frustrated in such a process. To avoid this, get in touch with Mainstreet Equity Corp. as it help the tenants in finding out an appropriate apartment in the city of Regina as according to their tastes and preference and make the process of apartment hunting easier.

Let’s explore the difficulties that most of the tenants face while hunting for a rental apartment in the beautiful city of Regina and how you can easily handle them:
Making a Budget
This is the essential tasks that you are supposed to do when you’re all prepared to hunt for a rental apartment in North Regina. By making an effective budget will help you in narrowing down your options and stay within your price range.
This task is always frustrating as it seems like that you don’t have a lot to spend only on an apartment. Lists of your expenses will identify your bills and debt. For this, endeavor to approach this task very calmly. Hence, you will feel like that you have great flexibility when you’re looking around.
Replace Expectations with Reality
Very first when you create a budget, you will recognize the amount that you can spend. After recognizing this, you might ascertain that you are unable to go for an apartment that you dream of. So, keep your expectations low from the beginning. In the event, that you don’t have a great picture of an apartment in your mind, reality will not be able to ruin it.
Involve Your Partner
While hunting for North Regina Rental Apartments, you assume that your roommate or partner is not contributing to the task and this is how many arguments may start.
Rather than letting yourself become frustrated, try to discover out the method to get your involve your friend. For instance, schedule viewings when you are both available or ask him or her to look for the potential apartments online in Regina city with you. In this manner, both of you will get involved in the search process.
Debate for Necessities
It is quite difficult to ascertain what you actually need in your rental suite. More often, the list of necessities becomes harder when you are living with some other person. For instance, you want to live with off-site laundry, on the other hand, your roommate or partner doesn’t want this. In such a situation, make a list your own amenities and watch where both of you can compromise.
Schedule Viewings
Are you trying to organize different viewings when apartment hunting is really frustrating? You must look for the times that work best for you, your roommate or partner and also your potential landlord. This is not always easy or convenient.
Ensure to have reliable means of transportation at the time of viewings. Trying to visit different apartments in the city of Regina is quite tricky. To run this event smoothly, you can try to do some new things. You can schedule several viewings on one day and if possible, take the day off. In this way, you will be able to move from one location to the other without feeling hurried.
So, these are some of the basic things that you cannot ignore while you are all set to Rent an Apartment in North Regina.


Importance of Tenants Insurance While Renting a House in Regina

There is no doubt in this statement that tenant insurance is vital as it a single method to provide safety of the expensive personal belongings from theft, fire and many other uncertainties.

The first and foremost reason behind this is that a person is legally responsible for any damage being caused to the Regina Rental Houses as well as to others who come over or live there. If an old refrigerator sparked a fire that had caused damage to the rental suite as well as to the people who are living over there, then the tenant is blamed up for the whole event. There is a need to save all possessions of yours.  See, it is not a big deal but, if due to fire or any risk you need to change up all of your clothing, furniture and other things; then this might bring a big hole in your pocket.
Insurance premiums are a small amount to pay as this signifies that you are protected from such kind of risks. Make sure to shop for different insurance providers to get the best coverage at an awesome cost!
Have you ever had an area where tenant insurance is a big benefit for you?
Here are top reasons about tenants insurance when you are thinking to rent an apartment in Regina:-
  • Landlord Insurance Policy Coverage: - Landlord might have an insurance coverage of the apartment where the person is renting and insurance helps in providing safety in case the property suffers from any kind of harm. So, it’s advisable to carry your own tenant insurance to protect yourself from any kind of risks.
  • Liability Insurance: - We need insurance to get a protection from any kind of accident. Although one doesn’t cause any damage intentionally, sometimes it occurs. Having third-party liability insurance is very vital as it saves from all such risks.
  • Vacancy in Suite: - A Landlord is never ever responsible for any kind of risk which may include theft, fire, vandalism etc… An advantage of insurance is that it helps in covering all the repairs in case of any kind of accident.
  • Insuring of Possessions: - While many of the possessions may appear really valuable to you because of sentimental reasons, you may even be shocked to know how a quick inventory check can prove how much do possessions cost?  It’s important to get renters insurance otherwise the belongings would not be considered in an event such as fire, theft and many others. When you consider how much it would cost to replace all of your possessions, monthly rates appear to be a good trade off.

Tenant Insurance is a best way to stay in peace and protect yourself as well as your possessions. MainStreet Equity Corp. has a faith in giving clients some housing remedies that will ensure an active participation and reduce an impact in the surroundings when renting with it. Many tenants don’t take this coverage seriously as in some states it is not compulsory.
But one should be aware of the fact that cost for the premium memberships is relatively cheap as compared to the barriers to entry. It only takes single burning candle to be knocked over in one unit in order to affect so many people living in rented house in Regina. With so many neighboring renters, potential exposure to lawsuits is extremely at the top. Residing without the safety of a tenant’s agreement may become a mistake you can’t even bear to make in your life.
So, just hurry up and decide what type of protection you require. The next step to be taken is gathering an estimate and inventory of possessions. There are so many insurance enterprises which provide value approximation calculator tools, so just make assurance with the provider to make the most luxurious resources during this procedure.


Search Affordable Rental Apartments in Edmonton for a Relaxed Stay

Besides, Edmonton is a wonderful destination for travelling; it has a great potentiality for the job market as well. As the city provides several professional opportunities, every year a large number of job aspirants migrate to Edmonton city for the purpose of finding a suitable job. Whether a person searches for a short-term or long-term accommodation, renting an apartment in Edmonton is suitable for everyone.

If you are planning to move to Edmonton city and finding for the best rental apartment as per your tastes and preferences, you must visit an online portal. These portals are the best for the renters to search for the best accommodation options that are spacious and comfy.

There are unlimited options available in Edmonton Apartments and some of them are:

1.      Affordable Doesn’t Mean Negotiating on the Quality

The rental fees of Edmonton apartments are very decent. Also, the apartments have an ample amount of space and a family can easily stay in Edmonton apartment without any discomfort. These apartments are very much closer to the main market area, eating joints and sports complex. Also, the apartments have a playground and lovely open space for enjoying the sunshine in winters too.

2.      Expect Amenities That Will Make the Stay Easy

Moving into an affordable space doesn’t imply living with at least facilities. Well, there is no need to scowl since the property owner and homeowners offer essential stuff like a balcony, window covering, oven, dishwasher and laundry. Also, Edmonton Rental Apartments have access to brilliant security system and parking space with little cost over the rental amount. The landowner hands over the place only after cleaning them and gets the new wall covers or get the walls painted.

3.      Try to Not to Approach Searching Physically For the Affordable Living Spaces

Technology has made rental hunting a very simple task. There are several online rental portals that have indefinite varieties of properties being listed on their website. From affordable Edmonton Rental Apartments to townhouses, condos and shared accommodation, the renters can discover anything on the advertising sites. These portals save time but as well as dime since one can book a rental apartment sitting anywhere.

4.      Advance Search Features with Unique Channels

The renal sites have search options, where one can add in filters, such as location, price and preference. Based upon the site parameters, the site can bring best search results with complete details relating to the property that is advertised. Renters can look the area for Edmonton apartments on rent on the Google Map for knowing all the other adjoining public places.

Living with comfort is something that every one of us dreams of. Make your this dream come true with the help of Mainstreet Equity Corp. They help the newcomers in looking for a perfect rental accommodation as per their tastes and preferences. Also, they can help you in finding out a budget-friendly Edmonton Rental Apartments. You can visit our website today for more insights!


What it is like to rent an apartment in Regina, Saskatchewan?

Regina emerges like an oasis in between the Canadian prairie desert. It is the capital city of the province of Saskatchewan with over 968,000 residents. The other real urban cities in the Canada that includes Calgary, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer and Lloydminster have their own attractions; but Regina appears to be strangely forested and green for a prairie city.

It is sure that when purchasing a Regina apartment it is very easy to be distracted by the excellence of the city. That's why it is essential to contract a real estate agent who is local to the city with a specific end goal to locate the best fit for you. There are numerous attractions to moving to Regina, the capital city of Saskatchewan; however the beautiful lavish parks and green spaces have a tendency to allure all who encounter it. Before buying an apartment for rent in Regina Saskatchewan, one should be very much aware of all that the city brings to the table.

A Few Attractions in Regina 

  • When purchasing an apartment it is imperative to decide what you need and don't need from your home. There are both rural and urban areas of Regina, however it is recommended that counseling an expert and local of Canada usually ends with a satisfied and happy deal.
  • Regina is a lively and interesting city with a lot to offer, and it can be simple for buyers to neglect the homes that are like hidden pearls sprinkled all through Regina. When renting or purchasing an apartment, it is important to know what sort of lifestyle you desire and what condition can best facilitate your necessities.
  • While looking for apartments available to be purchased in Regina might be troublesome, particularly for the independent purchaser. This is because of the distinctive areas and styles of living that the city provides. With a flourishing art and industrial community, Regina is a vivacious city with a history full of colours. The residential locations are usually isolated completely from the buildings in the warehouse district.
  • To find the best houses at the reasonable prices it is essential for one to know the area well, and this is particularly true when finding apartments available to be purchased or rent in Regina. The climate of Regina varies in a humid continental climate with summers and chilly dry winters. For somebody who likes to experience the full range of climates, living in Regina surely possesses all the necessary qualities.
  • The city offers each social, recreational and sporting opportunity that you would expect in a city yet without the busy city issues of congestion, rude behaviors and crime. You can reach here by means of the TransCanada highway or the Regina International Airport and you'll find hotel or inns close to the airplane terminal or downtown.
  • Whether you are a first time home purchaser or an expert, Regina is an incredible alternative for every single diverse kind of individuals. Single people have the alternative to be overwhelmed by the performances of the Regina Symphony Orchestra and on the other hand, families can visit the various museums in this excellent city. 

Final Words

The benefits of living in Regina are absolutely ample. All you require is a beautiful home in the city. For consultation or help, you can contact MainStreet Equity Corp. to buy or rent apartments in Regina.


11 Ways to deal with Beat Chaos In A Little Edmonton Apartment

Edmonton apartments rentals

Luckily, there are a few things that can be done to improve the situation without changing the apartments.

  • Multifunctional: Everything in your flat should have numerous functions. Rather than having a couch, purchase a daybed. Instead of having chairs in the bedroom, use tables with drawers. Utilize your dining table as an office or work space when you're not eating (simply ensure you have some other space to store your supplies).

  • Hang Your TV: It is also a nice way to show your organizational skills. Hang your TV and keep the table underneath to store your clothes, books etc. It will amplify space as well as functionality.
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A Bad Credit Score Can Make Your Search Very Troublesome; However There Are Routes Around It! Check it out!

Edmonton rentals apartments
What Exactly A Credit Score Is?
By discovering what your credit score is actually is to maintain a strategic distance from circumstances where it might be an issue. Be prepared before you begin your search. This can help you with the following tips and can aid you in your search and not let a bad credit score stand in your way:
Honesty is the Best Policy
A bad credit score is a problem for most of the landlords, but not all of them. If you are concerned that your bad credit score is going to stand in the way an apartment that you really want, try being honest with the landlord/manager before they run your score. Honesty can work in your favor.
Co-Signer or Guarantor
Landlords need to be reassured that you will pay your lease on time. What better approach to reinforce this assurance than by having another party responsible for paying your lease should you neglect to do as such. Keep in mind that your co-singer will be taking risk as well, so make sure that the Edmonton Rental Apartment falls within your means and making the lease won’t be an issue for you.