8 Things to Do In Saskatoon This Winter

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Saskatoon is a dazzling and developing city in the province of Saskatchewan. Though a few people know, it is one of the quickest developing economies in North America and a cultural hub in Canada. Situated in the heart of Saskatchewan, it is an amazing city with a small town feeling.
Winter is a major piece of what makes Saskatoon special and the citizens here enjoy a whole new set of activities in this season. To name a few, Lacrosse games, kick sledding, craft breweries and record-breaking snowball fights are included. Saskatoon offers many options for enjoying a winter that is both; warm as well as cool.
Winter in Saskatoon isn't for those who have a fearful heart. It is truly an exciting experience. It gets very cold here. It always has. To enjoy winters to the fullest, check out these amazing ideas of what you can do in Saskatoon this winter.

Cross Country Skiing Trails: Saskatoon has many of them. To enjoy, you can check out ski trails at Kinsmen Park, Wildwood Golf Course or Holiday Park Golf Course.  Also, there are miles of groomed trails along the South Saskatchewan River.

Check out which hill is best; pest or Diefenbaker Hill: The Pest is an enormous and steep hill right on the side of Circle Drive Bridge while the Diefenbaker Hill is situated in Diefenbaker Park which is also next to a bridge on the Circle Drive.  Both are great places to enjoy doing toboggan, snowboard or do whatever it is you do on a crazy carpet.

These are too far. No problem! In case these hills are too far to drive, you can check out your nearby toboggan hill. One of the best design ideas Saskatoon has ever had was collecting up dirt in each neighborhood and giving a place for kids to engage in fun activities.

PotashCorp WinterShines: Saskatoon’s amazing outdoor winterfestival is always a great excuse to explore winter in the city.  It lasts for approx. two weeks and host wonderful events at the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market.  There is an incredible snow fort, ice carving competitions, and much more to enjoy and explore.

Skating: It is an excellent way to get out and get active in the winters of Saskatoon. Most outdoor rinks at schools are free and available for use at this time. So, if you don’t have skates hit up the market and borrow a pair.

Go for a movie at Rainbow Cinemas: It is a nice idea to pass some quality time with your loved ones when you are tired. If not this, what will you do in the middle of February?  Park your car in The Centre’s basement parking and let it warm up while you explore a movie while paying anywhere from $2.50 – $5.00 for your ticket.  It’s truly a win-win.

Visit an Art Gallery: Select an amazing art gallery of your choice and make it a day out with the family. Without even spending a penny, get out, get inspired and explore the best of the arts scene in Saskatoon.

Shop hard in the downtown: Downtown Saskatoon has a selection of amazing shopping options and experiences. You know what else it has on a cold day?  A large selection of coffee shops, restaurants, and pubs to warm up in.  So park the car and visit one of Saskatchewan’s best areas to shop in. In case you need apartments for rent in Saskatoon, you can contact MainStreet Equity Corp.

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