5 Tips for Foreign Students on Living in Edmonton


Brilliant autumn leaves, alluring white snow and vibrant summers are only a portion of the reasons why Edmonton is a destination for global international students.

For foreign students, moving to another nation is both scary as well as exciting. To help you in the process, I have created a list of tips. Go through them and figure out what you can do to make your experience better in Edmonton.

Go to Orientation and Say Hello to a New Person Everyday

Orientation is the beginning of new school year and also the beginning of another chapter in your life and career. You will work closely with your classmates for the following years so why not make friends now? Making bonds and friendship early on will make your life less demanding amid the semester. Try to say hello to at least one new individual every day.

Get a Canadian ID Card and SIN (Social Insurance Number)

Amid your stay in Canada, you may require an ID to show your age or identity. A portion of the events when you may need to do this include: opening an account in a bank, applying for a visa card, and going into a foundation that serves liquor. Having your passport isn't prudent as the danger of losing it is high. Luckily, Alberta has a picture ID card that you can apply for. Visit to learn more about how to get one.

Likewise, if you plan on applying for a temporary job or working amid your time in Edmonton, you will be required to get a Social Insurance Number (SIN). You can get a SIN at Canada Place in downtown Edmonton. Having a SIN will likewise make the process of purchasing a phone plan substantially less demanding if you have not opened an account in the bank yet!

Purchase Good Quality Winter Attire

Canadian winters are really frosty and you will require great winter garments keeping in mind the end goal to remain warm. Invest in a couple of strong shoes with great grip and in addition a winter coat, caps, gloves and socks. The underlying expenses might be high, however, it will be worth it when the temperature dips under - 20 Celsius!

Find New Hobbies and Have Fun

At long last, spread your wings and explore the city of Edmonton. Alberta is a delightful province, and Edmonton is near wonderful areas, for example, Lake Louise, Jasper and Banff. Lease a car or catch a ride with a companion and have some good time. If you are looking for Edmonton Apartments to live, try to find the best dealer in the area and avoid overpaying.

Make Yourself Familiar with People You Meet in Your Residence

The best thing about moving to another nation is getting the opportunity to meet new individuals! Welcome your colleagues for tea or coffee and become more familiar with them. You can also plan for a potluck together. The people you meet in the program will take your experience to a new level and will make your time in Edmonton substantially more enjoyable.

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