Choosing Student Housing Accommodation: What to Consider?

In today’s schooling era, students have numerous options, to choose from and decide which housing facility caters to their needs better.

The credit for this easy approach of finding an apartment goes to the entrepreneurs who offer reliable student accommodations. This is definitely crucial due to the rapid increase in the number of colleges and university students that come in each year.

In some cases, universities and colleges have limited or no student accommodations. This can be alarming for students as housing is a priority for them, if they are moving from a different city.


Nevertheless, there are many colleges that have developed platforms for assisting the students to find appropriate off campus housing by collaborating with specialized property management companies like Mainstreet Equity Corp.

Every institution that has a campus accommodation will prefer their freshmen students to stay in the communal dorms. Institutions strongly believe that by making their students to reside communally, they can eventually get more acquaintance with college life, besides familiarizing themselves with dissimilar environments.

Generally most of the college students value their freedom, privacy and independence, thus they prefer off-campus housing.

The housing arrangements for students vary from institution to institution. Individuals who prefer living off-campus but still want to have an atmosphere that is identical to the one on campus can reside in student apartments.

The most interesting or dis-interesting concept while living on campus is that you have to share the living room and kitchen. This might be good for some as they seek this opportunity to learn the concept of team building and making new friends, some consider this to be a hassle.

Some institutes & real estate companies also provide special arrangements for married couples. Finding off-campus housing is really simple these days, all you need is an internet connection on your smartphone or PC/laptop. 

There are many apps and websites available that allow you to filter you search results based on:
  • Location,
  • Schools,
  • Distance,
  • Apartment price and size etc.
College students have limited budgets as they try to find the right balance of spending the money they receive from student loans and their part time jobs. Even with restricted budgets, decent apartments are available.

Most off-campus housing apartments are reasonably priced, hence making them affordable and desirable. Sometimes, such apartments are sparse.

Therefore, it is vital for individuals to set their monthly budget, before they begin search for a decent student apartment.

It is ideal for students to sign yearly rental agreements as they can lock the current rent, hence plan their savings well. Employed adults face lesser challenges when it comes to covering the rent and managing their lifestyle. On the other hand, the life of a student is quite erratic merely because they go through many lifestyle changes.

However, in certain cases it has been seen that students are more inclined to sign lease agreements that last for 6 months. The reason being change, some students prefer to try new places with their friends, while some choose to renew their lease as they are now familiar with the apartment.

Student Housing

Almost all student accommodations have retail stores & other necessary amenities located within their neighborhood, thus making it convenient and desirable.

It is always advisable for students to find housings close to their college or university, as it cost efficient. So if you are studying at Grant MacEwan University (Edmonton) and want to live within walking distance, then try searching apartments for rent in Edmonton near Grant MacEwan.

By developing top notch, reliable student housing programs, entrepreneurs and universities have created a win-win situation for both.

Mainstreet Equity Corp offers excellent choices for student accommodation in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, Surrey, Abbotsford and Saskatoon.

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