How to Give a Simple Makeover to Your Kitchen Cabinets

Are you getting bored of your kitchen? Do you want to try out something new? But don't want to go through the hassle of a major renovation or spend the loads of money? 

Then we have a much easier way to redefine your home.

The kitchen cabinet doors offer an interesting opportunity for you to showcase your creativity and create a lively environment in your house or apartment.

Never underestimate the significance of your kitchen cabinets, as they complement your countertops, the walls and the floor.

New cabinets can give a fresh feeling to the whole room and you can obtain a similar effect by just giving a makeover to your cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet

So let’s get started with a few ways that can spruce your kitchen cabinets:

Replacing Old Cabinet Fixtures:

The kitchen cabinet fixtures are often one of the most unnoticed aspects of a kitchen's esthetic. When where they last changed?

New & trendy metal fixtures, whether they are bright, glossy or dark and graceful, will definitely add a refreshing touch to your kitchen. There are many options that you can choose from:

  • Copper, 
  • Oil-rubbed bronze, 
  • Yellow brass,
  • Brushed nickel,
  • Stainless steel and more.

You can select the shapes and style of the cabinet knob. The cabinet fixtures can be a mix and match of different styles, based on the design of the kitchen. This is done in order to provide a more contemporary look. It’s vital to check the kitchen area and cabinets before purchasing or renting a house or apartment. 

Since, by checking the kitchen area you can get an idea about whether you need to remodel it or not. Some of the leading rental apartment providers in Edmonton like offer apartments with upgraded kitchen cabinets counter top and appliances.

Adding Stylish Wallpaper:

Do you really think that painting your kitchen cabinets is the only way to add color and style? Well, if it is a yes, then you think differently from us. The easier way to go about it is, by using wallpaper. 

It will be ideal to use stylish wallpaper on kitchen cabinet doors & sides, rather than going through the hassle of painting it, as it is more cost efficient and also adds a unique affect. 

Kitchen Cabinet Design

The benefit of having wallpaper is that you can continue with the color theme that matches the theme of the unit and your unit looks sharp. 

Patterns of food, leaves or flowers generally give you a homely and inviting feel. On the other hand, shiny metallic wallpaper can create a modern and sleek feel.

You could also use vinyl decals or contact paper, which may be a lot easier to remove later on.

Easy LED Lighting:

You may need assistance of an electrician to install new lights, but today there are options like LED lighting that can be easily installed without seeking any help.

Benefits of having an LED light over regular light is that they are bright, inexpensive and a great alternate to those flickering, big, fluorescent bulb tubes. They are also available in numerous shades, shapes and sizes.

LED lightning in kitchen

You can easily wire together several LED lights into one sequence; hence you can plug them into one outlet. Some of these lights are battery operated and don't need to be plugged in. These lights generally come with adhesive, hence you can stick them anywhere you want.

Many individuals put them beneath their cabinets, to light-up their countertops. However, one can also put these lights inside the cabinets to give a nice warm and appealing feel at night.

Although, installing new cabinet doors is a great way to give your kitchen a makeover, there are simpler ways to obtain these goals. 

Replacing common old fixtures with new ones, adding some stylish wallpaper to light up the scene or installing some practical and pleasant LED lighting are all options.

Hope you are satisfied with the ways we have suggested in redesigning your kitchen.

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