Get the Most of Your Property by Decreasing Turnover of Tenants

Are you planning to give your condo on rent in Saskatoon? If YES, then make this process easier with the help of Mainstreet Equity Corp. as they can help you in finding out the quality tenants at exclusive prices. Not only this, they also provide the tips to the landlords describing how to attract tenants for a long-term in order to reduce their turnover ratio.
In this regard, they suggest the landlords to follow the below tips to reduce the turnover of the tenants:

1. Get Regular Feedback from Your Tenants

Have you ever think of why your tenants leave at the end of their leases? You may have an idea, but unless you ask for regular feedback from your tenants, you don’t know about their issues and concerns. Whenever, a tenant gives you a notice that they are moving out, then you must send them a short survey. In the survey, you can ask the tenant to rate their experience and why they are not to going to renew their lease.
Try to send survey at least two times a year, as tenants appreciate being asked for their opinions and you will be able to find the cause before it’s too late.

2. Make Regular Improvements

One of the most common points of friction between the landlords and tenants is improvements and repairs. Every scrupulous landlord tries to put off improvements to maximize profits.
Keep in mind that by investing in regular improvements and not just only the repairs, you can reduce a large amount of tenant’s turnover. When tenants see that landlords make efforts to make the property better, it makes them feel better about the rent they pay.

3. Review Rental Increases Carefully

Landlords and tenants are faced with a basic conflict of interests, like landlords want to charge as much rent as possible and the tenants want to pay as little as possible. Standard price of Apartments for Rent in Saskatoon increases every year or two, however, the income do not increase the same in regularity. So, when you are looking to maximize your profit by increasing rent, you need to make sure that it increases in your best interest.
So, before increasing the rent, you must ask following questions to the tenant:
Can you afford the increase rate of rent?
If you lose a tenant, then how long it will take to fill the vacancy?
How much does it cost to fill up a vacancy?
Will the increase in rent make up for the increases rental costs?

4. Allow Pets 

Allowing pets actually save money in the long run by drastically reducing the turnover of the tenant. Irresponsible pet owners are very rare, specifically if you have thoroughly checked the background of the tenant. If you allow pets then your property becomes more desirable to the prospective tenants. Hence, pet-friendly apartments reduce the turnover of tenants to a great extent.
Hence, hire the services of Mainstreet if you want to give your Apartment for Rent in Saskatoon. To know more about them, then visit the website today!

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